How To Easily Build A Fanbase On Autopilot Without Spamming On Social Media

AND Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Ads

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We're your coaches, Joey Sturgis and Tyler Smyth and Band Academy is our project that helps musicians build and grow a business around their music. We're the dudes who will be teaching you Music Promotion Mastery.

Music Promotion Mastery for Musicians will help you create:

  • Unlimited Fan Growth - Your fanbase is no longer determined by how many times you post on Instagram each week.
  • Ultimate Time Flexibility - Optimize your day-to-day grind so you’re not always spinning your wheels or wasting time on things that don't actually get your music to more listeners.
  • Fulfilling and Meaningful Connections - You finally get to do what you’ve always wanted to do since you started a music career - create long lasting connections with REAL fans and play music for a living.
  • Lasting Impact With Your Music - Promote your music with a purpose and know that you’re transforming lives and spreading your message in the process.
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This is for you if:

  • You’re passionate about using your music to connect with people and want to increase the rate at which you’re able to share and reach more people
  • You’re tired of posting about the same thing every day and want the freedom to be more creative without feeling like a slave to social media
  • You’re sick of feeling spammy everytime you need to promote a new shirt design, music video, or song release
  • You’re fed up with the online courses that are just a pile of videos that never seem to actually make a change in your life because there’s not a live person on the other end of the screen helping you get through it
  • You don’t want to sink thousands of dollars into marketing and ads only to hope it will work just to watch it potentially fail
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This is NOT for you if:

  • You think you can achieve fame simply by purchasing this course
  • You just want 100,000 followers on social media overnight
  • You’re expecting a magic button that transforms your life without any effort
  • You expect results without doing the work responsible for success

The Music Promotion Mastery course will cover:

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When you enroll today, here’s everything you’ll get:

  • 8 week course on Music Promotion Mastery so that you’ll know exactly how to promote your music and get more listeners without ever feeling gross or spammy ever again
  • The Musician’s Social Media Spark Generator with over 500+ UNIQUE creative prompts so that you can FINALLY stop thinking about what to post on social media all the time
  • Your personalized marketing plan - every single step you need to take to reach your goals and achieve the audience size you’re reaching for
  • Swipe files, Cheat Sheets, Guides, Templates, Tools, and more to give you the most effective chance at tackling your marketing needs
  • Our Promise: we will take your results seriously whether you take our course seriously or not - you’ll have no excuse not to succeed, and as long as you show up - we’ll make sure that happens
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